The Encyclopedia of Indian Art

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10,000+ Years of History

Spanning the great political, geographical and cultural shifts in the subcontinent.

5,000+ Articles and Definitions

From thematic deep dives to explanations of materials and techniques.

25+ Researchers and Editors

With a broad range of experiences in academia, publishing, journalism and art practice.

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Including professors, independent researchers and authors from within and beyond the MAP research ecosystem.

An Effort
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The Encyclopedia of Indian Art (EIA) expresses the MAP Academy’s vision for a comprehensive, detailed, inclusive and accessible online resource for art historical research from India. The EIA has been built using the sensibilities and structure of existing encyclopedia conventions while, crucially, also adapting to the digital medium and its possibilities. We believe both in academic thoroughness and in meeting readers at the points at which they engage with art history today.
In its first iteration, launching online in April 2022, the EIA will include material on modern and contemporary art, photography, architecture, textile and craft traditions and pre-modern art. The fundamental unit of the encyclopedia is the article, which, like all of the MAP Academy’s content, is written, edited and peer-reviewed by a team of researchers—and advised by a panel of scholars, writers and art practitioners—from across the country. Collating and reviewing thousands of texts by leading voices, our team has produced extensive material that covers everything from artist biographies, study of themes, movements, monuments and cultural sites, as well as meditations on contemporary debates involving appropriation, surveillance, digital intervention and exchange. In its focus on accessibility, the EIA’s content can be a valuable resource for students, early-career researchers, art and history enthusiasts and even established scholars.